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About Faster Fine Art:

Faster Fine art is the culmination of the 15 year collaboration of John Carter and Johnny Swing. The Artist/Designers have been involved in custom installations and art since 1986. Their work has appeared in the New York Times, New York Times Magazine, Art News, Art in America, Cosmopolitan (Germany), Elle (France) Four Rooms (Moscow), Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Swing, Fast Company, Azure, Metropolis, NBC, CNN, NPR, FOX, UPN, Asahi Network (Japan) The Learning Channel and Associated Press

Beside their art and design work their shared experience includes: Certified welding, ownership and management of advertising agencies, sheep farming, digital graphic expertise, emergency medical technician, former creative director of world famous window display company, guerilla street art, and precision model building. Chosen by New York Times Magazine as one of 30 artists most likely to change culture.

The collaborative have offices and studios in New York City and Newfane Vermont.



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